IT all started
with an idea...

A family holiday to a tropical beach resort in South East Asia turned into a mission to rid the beach of discarded and lost plastic waste.

"The beach was covered in plastic, the water was like 'plastic soup'", says Mike Vaughan, founder of LoveLotte.

"All Charlotte ('Lotte') wanted to do was play in the sand, but it was like a rubbish tip. We spent the mornings walking down the beach, filling bags and bags with waste only to find more had washed up on the way back. It was heartbreaking".

"Among the waste were broken beach toys degraded by the sun, which gave us the idea for biodegradable toys."




R & D

The first step was to come up with the concepts for the toys. It helped that Mike was an Illustrator & Graphic Designer. "I worked with Lotte to see which beach tools were her favorites and from there, came up with the sketches." he says.

The designs were further refined and they enlisted the help of an Industrial Designer to help with the ergonomics and finalise the concepts.

Partnering with a supplier who held the same values was a must. "We were so lucky to find our supplier," Mike says. "Sustainability was at the core of their business and I knew immediately they were perfect for our brand".

LoveLotte toys are available from